A Tour Of America's Roadside Attractions – Part 1

July 9, 2012 12:00 AM

A Tour Of America's Roadside Attractions – Part 1

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" Whether the phrase came from Ken Burns or a storyteller from another generation, it’s been said that the National Parks are America’s best idea. And while there’s certainly no argument against that statement, it would truly be selling this country’s roadside attractions short to describe them as anything less than a close second.

Make no mistake, these obscure American originals took a backseat for some time, but in recent years, they’ve re-emerged as premiere vacation “destinations.” With gas prices starting to plateau, and people becoming more and more disenfranchised by the inconveniences of air travel, this country’s amazing roadside treasures are primed for more visits than ever before.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of stops from which to choose. So, starting on the Pacific and heading east, check out part one of our state-to-state guide to America’s roadside attractions!

Igloo City

Cantwell, Alaska The creators of Igloo City originally intended on running a hotel of sorts. But this ominous-looking, Shining-esque structure never opened for business. Instead, the icy white building now merely serves as the backdrop for a really unforgettable photo op "

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