Convert Your Car To A Plug-In Hybrid For $3,000

August 13, 2012 12:00 AM

Convert Your Car To A Plug-In Hybrid For $3,000
" Not everyone can afford a new hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric car, but those who still wish to drive such a vehicle can still take the conversion route.

Electric car conversions have been around for many years, and many people have converted their regular hybrids to plug-ins too, but a team at Middle Tennessee State University has developed an inexpensive plug-in hybrid kit that could potentially be used on almost any vehicle.

To prove it, MTSU has a technology demonstrator running in a 1994 Honda Accord Wagon.

The kit comprises a battery pack and controller in the trunk, and each rear wheel is equipped with a brushless DC electric motor.

This side-steps the first problem often associated with conversions, which is how to package the electrical components and how to hook up the motors. Each motor in the Honda demonstrator fits around the brake rotor and the wheels can be attached as normal, providing a seamless solution.

The motors–which each develop 200 lbs-ft of torque–then work with the gasoline engine when driving along, reducing load on the engine and resulting in much better fuel efficiency for the same performance.

How much better? Well Dr "

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