So, Is Jeep Really Moving To China, Or What?

November 5, 2012 12:10 PM

So, Is Jeep Really Moving To China, Or What?
Last week, Bloomberg News ran a story with this headline: “Fiat Says Jeep Output May Return to China as Demand Rises.”

" There are three ways you could look at that.

1. You could cock your head to the side like Nipper the RCA dog and wonder what the heck it means.

2. You could assume that the writer simply chose a clumsy headline for a story that should’ve been titled something like, “Jeep May Reopen Factories In China”.

3. You could assume that Chrysler’s Italian overlords are moving the design, research, and manufacturing facilities of one of America’s most popular automotive brands to China (for cheap labor, less regulation, more incentives, take your pick), thus hastening the arrival of the End Times.

Most readers probably chose option #1 or #2. However, a handful of politicians and pundits selected option #3 without bothering to read the article and suss out the facts. This is how rumors get started.

As we pointed out last week at Motor Authority, the Bloomberg story referred to the production of Jeep vehicles for the Chinese auto market: “Today, all Jeep models are produced in the United States, at assembly lines in Michigan, Illinois and Ohio "

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So, Is Jeep Really Moving To China, Or What?

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