Teen Tweets Pic Of Dying Hit & Run Victim Instead Of Calling Police

August 3, 2012 12:00 AM

Teen Tweets Pic Of Dying Hit & Run Victim Instead Of Calling Police

" Legal obligations aside, let us throw out a moral question: if you saw someone motionless in the street, critically injured following a hit and run accident, would you phone for police and render aid, or would you snap a pic of the dying victim and Tweet about it?

" A nineteen-year-old driver in Edinburgh, Scotland, opted to do the latter when he saw a body in the road outside Edinburgh’s Ocean Terminal. The injured man, who had been sleeping in the road prior to being struck by a car, was later pronounced dead at the Edinburg Royal Infirmary.

According to The Daily Record, the driver in question, 19-year-old Ikram Choudhury, came upon the scene at roughly 1:55 in the morning. Stopping his car, Choudhury snapped a picture of the victim on his smartphone, then tweeted, “Eeeehm wtf? Some guy just casually lying outside Ocean Terminal.”

Choudhury then returned to his car and drove home, never checking on the victim and never dialing 999, the U.K. equivalent of our 911. Police arrived on scene at 2:10 a.m. and immediately called for an ambulance, but the victim later succumbed to his injuries "

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