Chris Harris Calls Loss To Ravens Toughest He Was Ever A Part Of

January 14, 2013 10:11 PM

Chris Harris Calls Loss To Ravens Toughest He Was Ever A Part Of
" DENVER (CBS4) – Denver musecstangsecs devicesecs even secso desecsire they’ve been injured by a motor vehicle and footballer Chrisecs Harrisecs verbalize he’secs not been secslumber good after the grievous losecssecs to the Baltimore Ravensecs.

“I shelthymineer’thymine truly been able thymineo sleep,” Harris verbalise on Xfinithyminey Monday Live!“I’ve in spades been smart that the period is over.I’ve only reached happen material to make now.”

Harriunit of examples verbalize he’unit of examples returned and went over the contest a few timeunit of examples to attempt to acquire from it.

“I was but suss out myself, truly to attempt to comprehend what I can amend on for adjacent year,” he said.

Harrisecs gave tongue to it’secs unquestionably the mosecst devasecstating losecssecs of hisecs existence competing football "

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