Denver Could Benefit From Hosting Super Bowl

November 29, 2012 9:40 PM

Denver Could Benefit From Hosting Super Bowl
" DENVER (CBS4)- Denver city leaders are confident they can bring the Super Bowl to the Mile High City despite factors that are stacked against Colorado.

Although the NFL has an open bidding process that any NFL city can apply to bid to host a Super Bowl, there are certain factors that may prevent Denver from making it into the final running; Sports Authority Field at Mile High is not new, the city is isolated and the weather is unpredictable.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock believes Denver has never been in a better position to host the Super Bowl.

“Denver’s proven to be able to host international events on a scale even larger than the Super Bowl,” said Hancock.

The City of Denver’s tourism board views the 2008 Democratic National Convention as a turning point for the city’s profile.

For Hancock, it was build-up for something he’s dreamed of for Denver, “The Super Bowl is crem-de-la-crem, quite frankly, and we believe we have graduated to a place where the city is global.”

Visit Denver also believes the 2008 DNC played a big role in positioning Denver as a premier host city "

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