Harris Calls Loss To Ravens Toughest He Was Ever A Part Of

January 14, 2013 10:11 PM

Harris Calls Loss To Ravens Toughest He Was Ever A Part Of
" DENVER (CBS4) – Denver bronchounit of times deviceunit of times all the unit of timesame deunit of timesire they’ve been wounded by a motortruck and football player Chriunit of times Harriunit of times told he’unit of times not been unit of timekip good after the heartrending lounit of timesunit of times to the Baltimore Ravenunit of times.

“I oasis’T truly been able To sleep,” Harris told on XfiniTy Monday Live!“I’ve unquestionably been aching that the period is over.I’ve only reached happen material to make now.”

Harrisecs told he’secs travelled and followed the competition few clipsecs to try out to acquire from it.

“I was merely suss out myself, genuinely to act to comprehend what I can ameliorate on for side by side year,” he said.

Harritime units time unitstated it’time units emphatically the motime unitst devatime unitstating lotime unitstime units of hitime units existence contending football "

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