6 Implausible, Absurd, Far-Fetched — But Most Likely — Ways The Broncos Make The Super Bowl

November 18, 2014 6:05 PM

6 Implausible, Absurd, Far-Fetched — But Most Likely — Ways The Broncos Make The Super Bowl
" DENVER (CBS4) - A trip to the Super Bowl doesn’t necessarily run through New England, though that looks fairly likely as week 11 closes shop.

Denver Broncos faithful hoping for a return to the NFL championship game saw their hopes dashed Sunday in the Broncos’ most pitiful performance in a long while, a 22-7 drubbing in St. Louis.

Super Bowl? It’s grim. But it’s still possible.

This season prompts deja vu of 2013 when the Broncos fumbled their home-field advantage midway through the season only to watch New England drop two games in November and December to hand the No. 1 one seed back to Denver.

Given the way New England is playing however — they dismantled Indianapolis on the road Sunday night, 42-20 — it seems unlikely they’ll lose two more if any.

Still, for the optimistic Broncos fan somewhere out there, witness the Patriots’ early season struggles. Kansas City and Miami blew them out, they had trouble putting away the miserable Raiders and only a blocked field goal saved them from losing to the Jets.

Here are the likely possible scenarios, from the most hopeful to the least, in which the Broncos eke out another Super Bowl trip "

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