5 Impressive Broncos Defensive Performances

November 13, 2014 6:55 AM

5 Impressive Broncos Defensive Performances
" DENVER (CBS4) - Yeah, sure it was against the Oakland Raiders. But the notable defensive effort in the Denver Broncos’ 41-17 win on Sunday ranks among the team’s best in recent years — if you ignore the Raiders’ final scoring drive.

Apart from that 97-yard touchdown drive in garbage time against substitutes, Oakland managed 125 yards the rest of the game. Here are some defensive highlights:

- Oakland gained 30 yards on 15 carries, and 192 yards on 47 pass attempts.

- Receiver James Jones grabbed eight passes for 20 yards. Just 2.5 yards per catch is paltry, but take away his 10-yard catch, and 1.4 yards a catch seems inconceivable.

- Leading rusher Darren McFadden collected 14 yards on seven carries.

- Of Oakland’s 15 drives, 11 were three-and-outs. On the four that weren’t, two halted with Derek Carr interceptions, one ended in a field goal (they drove 26 yards on nine plays, by the way), and one featured the garbage-time touchdown.

Still, 17 points allowed is 17 points allowed. So, we dove deeper into the Broncos’ record book to unearth more impressive defensive performances.

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