Mitch Unrein: ‘I Cannot Believe I Just Scored An NFL Touchdown’

December 3, 2012 10:43 PM

Mitch Unrein: ‘I Cannot Believe I Just Scored An NFL Touchdown’
" DENVER (CBS4) – Some football players do the dirty work down in the trenches, while others take in the glory of scoring touchdowns. On Sunday against Tampa Bay, Broncos defensive tackle Mitch Unrein got to do both.

During the game Unrein had to come of the field after his eye got gouged.

“There’s a lot of eye gouging and I got the brunt of it,” Unrein said on Xfinity Monday Live!

Not only did he get his eye gouged, he also got the penalty.

“I got the penalty. His hand came into my facemask and got me in both eyes and I couldn’t see anything. So that’s when I just put my hand out and I got him in the facemask and they called it on me,” Unrein said. “It’s what the ref sees. He didn’t see the first action, he saw my reaction from what he did to me.”

Unrein said the offensive linemen don’t purposely eye gouge.

“My slit on my facemask is very narrow. I think it was just a reaction of me slanting the opposite direction of where the play was going and he just stuck his hand out,” he said "

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