More Than A Name, Brandon Marshall Focused On Football, Family

October 17, 2014 5:59 AM

More Than A Name, Brandon Marshall Focused On Football, Family
" DENVER (CBS4) - Every football player has a different story. This is Brandon Marshall’s.

No, not the former Broncos wide receiver, but the current Broncos linebacker.

“It has been nuts ever since I came into NFL,” the third-year player says. “Even on the Broncos practice squad, people were like, ‘Denver has a new Brandon Marshall or he came back.’ “

The new Brandon Marshall gets confused for the old Brandon Marshall all the time, especially on Twitter.

Marshall says he received more than 500 tweets during one Chicago Bears game: “He (Marshall) got hurt and the fantasy owners were hitting me up and saying get back in the game. We need the fantasy points.”

Marshall is able to laugh about the social media confusion, but there was nothing funny about what Marshall’s family went through when he was growing up in Las Vegas.

“I remember everything like it was yesterday,” Marshall says.

Marshall and his older brother and sister were raised by his mom. His father was rarely around, and when he was, he was abusive to his mom.

“We had a bad situation,” Marshall says "

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