Top 5 Most Important Broncos Season Openers

September 2, 2014 8:23 PM

Top 5 Most Important Broncos Season Openers
" DENVER (CBS4) - If the Denver Broncos’ 2014 season opener against the Indianapolis Colts feels more momentous than other recent debuts, it’s for good reason — and not just because it’s thrilling to watch Peyton Manning and Co. march up and down the field.

Rather, it’s probably due to one of the darkest days in Broncos history: The 43-8 Super Bowl drubbing by the Seattle Seahawks.

Sure, there’s anticipation about a season opener. But it’s a sense of redemption that will dominate Sunday night — a rare feeling not all openers provide.

In addition to the Colts game, here’s a look at some of the most eagerly awaited or important Broncos season openers, in reverse chronological order, since the franchise joined the NFL.

Sept. 13, 2009: Broncos 12, Bengals 7

The Broncos played their first game without one of the franchise’s most recognizable faces patrolling the sidelines. Mike Shanahan, who led the team to its only Super Bowl victories and the most wins in team history, was fired by owner Pat Bowlen shortly after the 2008 season ended "

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