Centennial Man Calls $7,000 Per Hour E.R. Bill ‘Outlandish’

November 13, 2012 7:58 AM

Centennial Man Calls $7,000 Per Hour E.R. Bill ‘Outlandish’
" DENVER (CBS4) – As 17-year-old Daniel Joseph walked through an open space park near his Centennial home before school last April, he felt a stinging pain in his leg.

“I didn’t even hear a rattle until two or three feet until it passed,” said Joseph.

A rattlesnake bit him twice.

“It was very sharp stinging pain and it went really deep,” recounted Joseph.

In short order, Joseph was in an emergency room receiving anti-venom. Six hours later, he was released.

His father, John, then received medical bills totaling about $43,000 for the six hours in the emergency department.

“Well first I thought maybe I’m in the wrong profession,” said Joseph, who is a veterinarian.

Terming the bill “outlandish,” Joseph quickly identified the highest dollar item — the anti-venom. His son received six vials of the crotalidae anti-venom and was billed $34,025.88 for that portion of his treatment, or nearly $6,000 per vial. But the same anti-venom can be found selling wholesale for about $1,000 to $2,000.

Joseph said he was stunned at a markup of between three to six times the wholesale price "

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