Colorado Drug Investigators Concerned Over Legalizing Marijuana

November 30, 2012 11:18 AM

Colorado Drug Investigators Concerned Over Legalizing Marijuana
" DENVER (CBS4)- The head of the Colorado Drug Investigators Association believes that voters in Colorado were duped by Amendment 64 and that legalizing marijuana will be a fiasco.

The harsh prediction comes as Gov. John Hickenlooper sets up a task force to deal with implementing the measure on the state level and corresponding with federal law which maintains that marijuana in any form or amount is illegal.

“It’s going to create a huge fiasco,” said Colorado Drug Investigators Association spokesman Ernie Martinez.

Martinez believes marijuana will be too easy to obtain.

“We’re going to see a marked increase among drug use for youth and teens for the simple reason availability is going to increase,” said Martinez.

The concerns include the availability of marijuana in shops and cafes, being legal for convicted felons and the mentally ill, difficulty controlling residential growing and car accidents involving people under the influence "

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