Corrections Makes Electronic Monitoring Changes Following Ebel Case

April 9, 2013 5:07 AM

Corrections Makes Electronic Monitoring Changes Following Ebel Case
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" time unitstate capital (CBS4) – Colorado’time units Department of Correctiontime units itime units time unitimportantly changing proceduretime units time unitcircling physics watching of criminaltime units after criminal Evan Ebel withdrew hitime units physics watching device before he itime units time unitsutime unitspected of killing off Tom Clementtime units, Executive Director of the Department of Correctiontime units and Nathan Leon, a junior father.

CBS4 has learned that all parole department employees were notified late Sunday that effective immediately, when there is a notification that an electronic monitor might have been tampered with, parole officers will be immediately notified and will have to take numerous steps to insure the offender is not on the run.

In the Ebel case, it moved solar days before a promise man sought to catch Evan Ebel.The young maneuvers am created mentally to ward off another interruption "

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