DNA, Fingerprints, Video Tie Ebel To Leon’s Murder

May 21, 2013 5:05 AM

DNA, Fingerprints, Video Tie Ebel To Leon’s Murder
" DENVER (CBS4) – CBS4 has acquired that polymer moved from a paytelephone aperture and biometric identifications on the telephone are some of the fundamental information that neckwears Evan Ebel to the homicide of 27-year-old Nathan Leon, a begetter of three.

Denver police forces have long verbalise they are â??confidentâ? that Ebel killed off Leon March 17, but have ne'er supplied points of their probe that link Ebel to the murder.at present three enforcement interactions familiar the Leon violent change have rendered CBS4 researcher Brian Maass with some of the hints associating Ebel to the propulsion change of Leon.

The interactions give tongue to that Ebel at the start named a Dominoâ??s Pizza edifice near fortieth and Colorado Boulevard to have a dish delivered, but that he desired the conveyance to an intersection, not a particularized address.That’unit of times ostensibly againunit of timest the dish companyâ??unit of times ruleunit of times and they judged Ebelâ??unit of times first transportation order "

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