School Bus Drivers Caught Speeding To Stay On Schedule

November 8, 2012 11:04 PM

School Bus Drivers Caught Speeding To Stay On Schedule
" DENVER (CBS4) - School bus drivers may be under so much pressure to stay on schedule some of them could be breaking the law and speeding through school zones to get students dropped off on time.

For his investigation into the matter, CBS4′s Rick Sallinger stood behind a tree with a calibrated radar gun in hand that was aimed on school buses. Violators were not hard to spot.

“Thirty-four mph in a 25 mph zone,” Sallinger said after a bus went by.

The radar gun captured driver after driver accelerating in the school zone, with many drivers going at least 30 mph in a 25 mph zone.

Denver Public Schools has 34,000 students transported to and from school each day on 320 buses.

School bus drivers do not have an easy job. Their job description includes keeping the students under control while dropping off and picking up dozens more before and after school. There are also many distractions for drivers, including traffic and the additional pressure of keeping to a strict timetable.

When CBS4 asked Transportation Department Executive Director Nicole Portee the No "

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