Accuser Says Obama Campaign Worker Grabbed Her Breast

November 2, 2012 8:54 AM

Accuser Says Obama Campaign Worker Grabbed Her Breast
" LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) – The Democratic party would like to be focused on securing votes in Colorado with only a few days left until Election Day, but they were forced to react Thursday to allegations of unlawful sexual contact by a campaign worker.

Police say Luke Buchanan, 24, was knocking on doors for the Obama campaign in Loveland Tuesday night when he inappropriately touched a resident.

Breana Haner was that resident, and she told CBS4′s Valerie Castro she was shocked by what happened.

“At first I was really upset,” said Haner, 21. “I was crying. I felt violated. I was embarrassed.”

Haner says Buchanan came to the front door of her home and identified himself as being part of the Obama campaign. He then talked to her for a few minutes while she stood in the doorway.

Then she says he asked if she would like a campaign sticker.

“I reached out to grab the sticker from him and he was like ‘No, we’ve been putting it on people ourselves’ and I just remember thinking ‘That’s weird, why would you do that?’ ” she said "

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