Amend. 64 Author Reacts To U.N. Pushing For Legal Pot Challenge

March 6, 2013 12:44 PM

Amend. 64 Author Reacts To U.N. Pushing For Legal Pot Challenge
" DENVER (CBS4)- A co-author of Amendment 64 is moving to the United Nations agent federal agency moving for the federal government to repugn the group action of activity marihuana use.

An yearly document by the International Narcotics Control Board specifically names Colorado and Washington after both governments decriminalise activity exercise of marihuana among adults.

The INCB as well tells a 40-year-old communications protocol that “boundaries the unlawful exercise of drug agents considering bush to learned profession and knowledge domain purposes.”

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“The multinational strikings of the war are substantial,” verbalise Sederberg.

The rectification 64 Task Force Gov "

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