Christie Slams Marijuana Legalization & Colorado: ‘Never, As Long As I’m Governor’

April 22, 2014 7:02 PM

Christie Slams Marijuana Legalization & Colorado: ‘Never, As Long As I’m Governor’

" TRENTON, N.J. (CBS4) – New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie rejected any efforts to legalize marijuana, dismissing claims of “inevitable” legalization already in place in Colorado and Washington state. He rejected any prospective tax or revenue benefits, stating that he would “never” legalize the substance as long as he is governor.

Speaking with a caller on NJ 1015, the Republican New Jersey governor repeatedly held his stance against the legalization of marijuana, saying that he will never allow the “gateway drug” to harm children and young adults as long as he is in office – regardless of any economic benefits.

“I’ve heard you speak on it before, there are pros and cons with everything,” the caller, identified as Sue, told Christie. “It’s going to happen down the pipeline: it creates industry, it creates jobs, it creates money, revenue – look at California. Look at Colorado, what they’ve done with the money they have …”

“Hey Sue, let me just stop you right there,” interjected Christie. “You say it’s going to come down the road. You know when it may come down the road? When I’m gone "

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