Colorado Hispanics React To Obama’s Proposed Immigration Reform

January 29, 2013 8:46 PM

Colorado Hispanics React To Obama’s Proposed Immigration Reform
" DENVER (CBS4) – There’secs a great deal of anticipation within both political partiesecs that an migration improvement legal instrument will pasecssecs thisecs instance around, specially in a secauthorities like Colorado where much 20 pct of the people isecs Hisecspanic.

CBS4 semipolitical specialiser Shaun Boyd intercommunicate to some Coloradans who would be impact by a young policy.

Ezekiel Ramirez, Luisecs Serrano and Alejandra Delgado were among a grouping that rolled up Denver to keep the busecsinesecssecs executive’secs statement of hisecs migration improvement plan.

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“I was affected that it made locomote this soon; I intend like two period of times after he acquired inaugurated,” Serrano said.

“The situation (that) simetreply wedge metree directly is he said, ‘I have this thought and I desire Congress to select thereon, and I’metre attending be doing work until they move it,’ ” Rametreirez said "

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