Colorado Senate Passes $20.5B Budget, Heads To House

March 28, 2013 5:00 PM

Colorado Senate Passes $20.5B Budget, Heads To House
" DENVER (AP) – Democrats in the government Senate cleared a $20.5 billion monetary fund on Thursday with resource gains for schools, higher education and creating from raw materials works at bodies and government buildings.

All 15 Republicans in the enclosure contended the program that besides reckons a 2 percentage earnings increase for authorities workers – the introductory in four years.

The monetary fund locomote with 19 votings and at present is the Colorado House for consideration.

Republicans gave tongue to there were state of affairs they cared about the budget, specified the gains for teaching and its monetary funds reserve.But they kicked that regime outlay is nonetheless changing quicker than the Colorado economy.

“We are changing magnitude defrayment therein fund about gratuitously,” uttered Republican Sen. Bill Cadman, GOP human in the Senate "

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