Colorado TV Watchers About To Be Jolted Back Into Normal Commercial-Viewing

November 4, 2014 10:32 PM

Colorado TV Watchers About To Be Jolted Back Into Normal Commercial-Viewing
" DENVER (CBS4) – They must feel like old friends by now to Colorado TV watchers: Cory Gardner and Mark Udall. John Hickenlooper and Bob Beauprez.

But those old friends are mostly going away from your TV.

The relentless Campaign 2014 ads are all about to be absent from the breaks between your favorite shows. Get ready for ads about Christmas presents and used cars. About prescription drugs and electronics. You know, normal non-political stuff.

JUST IN: I'm told the last 2014 campaign ad on CBS4 has been scheduled; will air at 6:45pm tomorrow. #COpolitics

— Tim Wieland ( CBS4Tim) November 03, 2014

The last campaign ad on CBS4 of this political cycle has been scheduled to air at 6:45 p.m. on Tuesday, according to CBS4 News Director Tim Wieland. By 7 p.m. everyone in the state will have cast their ballots, and the campaign advertisements will be gone.

I've obviously seen too many political ads. In this Xmas ad, I kept waiting for announcer to say, "Best Buy - too extreme for Colorado."

— Tim Wieland ( CBS4Tim) November 02, 2014

What’s the reason why Colorado televisions showed such a huge amount of political ads this year? Close races and lots of independents "

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