Colorado Welfare Recipient Drug Test Bill Advances

March 23, 2012 12:00 AM

Colorado Welfare Recipient Drug Test Bill Advances
" DENVER (AP) — One criticism of the idea to make welfare recipients take drug tests is that lawmakers and other elected officials who also get state funds should submit themselves to the same standard.

In Colorado, lawmakers are moving to make that happen, adding the provision on a divisive bill Friday that would require drug tests for welfare applicants, and now also elected officials, including the governor.

The lawmaker who proposed the amendment, Democratic House Leader Mark Ferrandino, passed around small cups with pictures of lawmakers and the words “drug test,” prompting chuckles from members of the Appropriations Committee that moved the bill to a vote of the full House. The cups listed the name of the committee as “Appropeeations.”

“I brought us all cups so we can go get drug tested,” Ferrandino jovially said, prompting a quip from a lawmaker that if Ferrandino was willing to take the cups, they’d be willing to take the test. Ferrandino opposes the bill.

Republican Rep. Jerry Sonnenberg, the bill sponsor, said he was thinking of adding the amendment even before Ferrandino proposed it "

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