Democrats Want To Know Who Attended Gardner’s Fundraiser

March 19, 2012 12:00 AM

Democrats Want To Know Who Attended Gardner’s Fundraiser
" DENVER (CBS4) – One day after CBS News aired a report about Colorado Rep. Cory Gardner co-hosting a high-priced fundraiser, Gardner gave the Republican response to the president’s weekly address.

The CBS News report showed Gardner at an upscale Florida resort where lobbyists and donors were charged $10,000 for access to him and 11 other freshman Republicans.

“The Obama administration has consistently slowed or shutdown domestic energy production,” Gardner said in the response. “There’s actually less acreage offshore open for energy production now than there was when the president took office.”

Democrats claim Gardner received more than $177,000 in campaign cash from the oil and gas industry last year. And while Gardner attacked the president on his energy policies, Democrats want to know who the donors were who paid the price to meet the congressman.

“I think the people of Colorado would like to know how many oil and gas lobbyists were at this $10,000 per person even in Florida,” Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio said.

“It’s easy to promise a quick fix when it comes to gas prices, there just isn’t one "

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