Firefighter Union Bill Advances In Colorado Senate

February 4, 2013 4:37 PM

Firefighter Union Bill Advances In Colorado Senate
" DENVER (AP) – A content to give collective bargaining rights for nonrecreational Colorado protectors moved in the Democratic-led Senate over expostulations from Republicans who lay out it goes against local control.

The content acquired first blessing on a sound balloting Monday after Republicans unsuccessfully acted to revise the measure to check the regions in Colorado where fire fighters could have collective bargaining.The instrument would use to spots where local citizens have fenced collective bargaining rights "

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013 by Colorado Springs Gazette

Springs, Boulder mayors unite to oppose firefighter union bill

DENVER ? Mayors of Colorado communities of all political persuasions came together Wednesday to oppose a bill that would mandate union

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Monday, January 07, 2013 by CBS Local

Firefighters Will Try Again On Colorado Union Bill

Bill Ritter, was dogged by firefighter protesters when he vetoed the union bill in 2009. Union groups felt betrayed by the man they'd helped elect

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New Senate bill could force cities to recognize firefighters' unions

A bill introduced last week in the Colorado State Senate aims to force municipalities across the state to recognize local firefighting unions and

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City wins long, costly battle to fire firefighter

After more than eight years, and a legal bill for Windsor taxpayers of more ?The union pulled out all the stops,? Wilkki said in explaining part of

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