GOP Ground Game Could Turn Control Of Colorado Senate

November 5, 2014 3:03 AM

GOP Ground Game Could Turn Control Of Colorado Senate
" DENVER (CBS4) - It’s clear that voters nationwide are scratching a six-year itch midway through President Barack Obama’s second term, and that’s played a massive role in the senate and governor races in Colorado.

But will that disgruntlement with Obama trickle down into state legislature races in Colorado?

Republicans hope they’ll dent the Democrats’ lead in the state House, where Democrats hold a 37-28 majority. They’re also attempting to flip the state Senate, which Democrats control 18-17.

Unhappiness with the president, coupled with an improved Republican ground game, may do that.

“I think they either could take it or they’ll be down by one,” state Rep. Amy Stephens, a Republican in El Paso County, said.

LINK: Colorado Election Results

Stephens said close Senate races between Democrat Jeanne Nicholson and Republican Tim Neville in Jefferson County, and Bernie Herpin and Michael Merrifield in El Paso County could decide the balance.

She said turnout by party in Boulder and El Paso counties would be significant.

Penfield Tate, a Democrat and former Colorado representative and senator, said state races don’t get the attention that national and governor battles do, but they’re more important in voters’ lives "

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