Gov. Hickenlooper Admits Donors Influenced Decisions

August 7, 2014 12:00 AM

Gov. Hickenlooper Admits Donors Influenced Decisions
" DENVER (CBS4)- Gov. John Hickenlooper admits his donors influenced his decisions.

Hickenlooper’s admission was captured on video and released on the conservative website Revealing Politics. In the video Hickenlooper said those donors influenced his decision on pay raises for some government workers.

“I get that you’re not going to have good sheriffs if you can’t pay them competitive dollars, not going to have a good attorney general, not going to have a good secretary of state,” said Hickenlooper.

It was the same video where Hickenlooper backpedaled on gun control.

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Hickenlooper told Colorado’s sheriffs that he agreed with legislation aimed at giving county and statewide elected officials a raise, their first in 12 years.

Admitting that, in Colorado, only rich people like himself could afford to run for public office.

“Not everybody is lucky enough to be in the restaurant business in LoDo when LoDo was a $1 a square foot and buy a bunch of real estate and then have it explode and all of a sudden I got rich. Small rich, compared to people around you here now, small rich, but still rich,” said Hickenlooper "

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