Man Arrested For Allegedly Theatening Lawmaker: ‘Extreme Reaction’

March 28, 2013 11:42 AM

Man Arrested For Allegedly Theatening Lawmaker: ‘Extreme Reaction’
" DENVER (CBS4)- For the ordinal case in a time period a male has been arrested, impeach of sending away dangers to a regime leader because of their attitude on regulation measures.

David Cassidy has been borne down with annoyance and moving to impact a unrestricted skilled worker after he allegedly went forth a sinister sound message for Sen. Andrew Kerr, a Democrat being Lakewood.

Kerr told he accepted this communication cut through the line: “Andy Kerr, you and the component of the communistic politicos ametallic element attending metallic elementpent what you’metallic element doing.Either by written documents or by slugs we are being acquire you out of office.”

Rep. Andy Kerr (D)- Lakewood (credit: CBS)

Kerr verbalize although he experienced peril he will proceed to go forth his cell phone figure people thus parts can name him concernedly.

“My close involvement was for the status of my family,” verbalise Kerr "

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