Many Colorado Builders Support Immigration Reform

June 28, 2014 3:35 AM

Many Colorado Builders Support Immigration Reform
" DENVER (CBS4)- Many builders in Colorado support immigration reform because the industry is facing a serious labor shortage.

After the economy collapses in 2008 many building projects disappeared and with them, hundreds of thousands of jobs.

As the business returns those workers haven’t. This as many Baby Boomers retire and fewer high school graduates enter trade businesses.

Immigration reform, many believe, is critical to addressing the country’s lack of skilled workers.

“Within the Rocky Mountain region we have 20 to 25 projects going on,” said Mark Reilly with JE Dunn Construction.

He has no shortage of work but what he needs are workers who can complete the work.

“We have people who their full time job is recruiting and finding skilled trades people we need,” said Reilly.

A job that he believes Congress could make easier by fixing the country’s broken immigration system and boost the number of visas for skilled workers.

“There’s a major trickle down effect that occurs as a result of not having adequate workforce,” said Reilly.

“In Colorado what I hear time and time again is we have to stop posturing and pass a bill,” said Sen. Michael Bennet "

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