Obama Wins Colorado, But Romney Made Headway

November 6, 2012 11:50 PM

Obama Wins Colorado, But Romney Made Headway
" DENVER (AP) – President Barack Obama won Colorado one more time on his path to re-election, but not without Republican Mitt Romney swaying some of the women and moderates who helped propel the Democrat to victory in 2008, according to a survey of early and mail ballot voters.

The president won the state in part because his support among Hispanics remained strong.

Women strongly favored Obama over John McCain in 2008 but were about evenly split between Romney and Obama this time, the voter poll showed. Men also were roughly split between the two candidates.

(credit: CBS)

Obama’s edge among moderates shrank as did his support among white voters. Whites were about evenly split between Obama and McCain in 2008 but tended to favor Romney this time, the poll showed. About three-fourths of Hispanics, however, voted for Obama.

Meanwhile, Amendment 64, which would allow recreational use of marijuana, was supported by a wide demographic. About two-thirds of those older than 65 opposed it, but younger voters, residents in Denver and Boulder and outside the Front Range, and men and women alike favored it.

Shelby Jensen, 22, of Lafayette, supported the proposal. “There’s a lot bigger issues to focus on "

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