Plan Would Direct Pot Taxes Toward Drug Education

April 23, 2014 7:02 PM

Plan Would Direct Pot Taxes Toward Drug Education
" DENVER (AP/CBS4) — Colorado would save most of its marijuana tax money while spending about $23 million on school nurses and drug treatment and outreach under a plan approved Tuesday be legislative budget writers.

The proposal calls for spending only the marijuana tax dollars the state has in hand instead of budgeting based on projected collections, as most budgets are done.

(credit; CBS)

The delay was prompted by concerns that the new recreational pot industry could produce highly volatile tax collections for the first few years.

Some Colorado recreational pot taxes, including a 15 percent excise tax, have already been earmarked to fund school construction. The remaining sales taxes and fees remain to be allocated by lawmakers.

The spending plan approved Tuesday by the Joint Budget Committee includes about $23 million already in hand. The largest awards would go to programs for youth drug prevention and drug abuse treatment. There’s also $5.8 million for a statewide marijuana education campaign.

“I think we’ve got the bases covered,” said Sen. Pat Steadman, D-Denver. “It doesn’t have everything everyone wanted "

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