Rape Victims Tell Colorado Lawmakers To Pass The ‘Anonymous’ Bill

March 7, 2015 9:15 PM

Rape Victims Tell Colorado Lawmakers To Pass The ‘Anonymous’ Bill

" DENVER (CBS4) – Rape victims in Colorado may soon be allowed to get help without being forced to talk to police.

Currently, doctors must report a rape to police along with the victim’s name, but a bill under debate in the Legislature would change that.

The bill gives sexual assault survivors back some of the power and control they have lost. It allows them to go to an emergency room and get medical care without being forced into the criminal judicial system.

Michelle Aswad went before a House committee on Friday and recounted the horror of rape. She conveyed the hurt, humiliation the feeling of helplessness she experienced and told lawmakers they had the opportunity to make the healing a little easier.

“Knowledge is power, options are power, and in the beginning that’s all victims have,” Aswad told lawmakers.

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Yet in Colorado, sexual assault survivors often don’t have the power to decide if they want police involved. If a rape kit is performed, the doctor is required by law to report the rape and victim’s name to police "

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