Senate Democrats Borrow $10 Million As Races Tighten

October 24, 2014 5:15 PM

Senate Democrats Borrow $10 Million As Races Tighten
" WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Democrats’ campaign operation on Friday said it borrowed $10 million for a last-minute boost to their fundraising, as officials see their majority increasingly in peril and Republicans gaining momentum.

Republicans are running strong races against endangered Democratic incumbents in states such as North Carolina, Colorado, Arkansas, Louisiana and Alaska. Republicans are also looking to replace retiring Democrats in Iowa and West Virginia with a GOP lawmaker.

Each of those races is drawing heavy spending, both from the party-linked campaign committees and their outside allies. Outside groups have now spent almost $314 million to shape the balance of power in the Senate — in addition to the millions spent by the candidates themselves.

At the same time, GOP-leaning super PACs and advocacy groups are spending almost five times as much as the party’s official campaign arm, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, according to an analysis from the Campaign Finance Institute.

To counter that, the Democratic National Committee gave its Senate partner, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee $1.5 million in recent days and promised total giving would be $5 million by Election Day on Nov. 4. The DSCC also collected $6.5 million from donors between Oct "

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