Suthers Tries Again To Stop Gay Marriage Licenses

July 28, 2014 10:19 PM

Suthers Tries Again To Stop Gay Marriage Licenses
" DENVER (AP) – Colorado Attorney General John Suthers is trying again to stop Boulder’s clerk from issuing same-sex marriage licenses.

Suthers’ office filed a motion with the Colorado Supreme Court on Monday asking it to order clerk Hillary Hall to stop providing the licenses.

Both the Colorado Court of Appeals and a state judge in Boulder have refused Suthers’ previous requests to stop the licenses from being issued to gay couples in Boulder, the only Colorado county where they can now get them.

“I think the least harmful and most sensible solution is to continue to issue marriage licenses in order to avoid more potential civil rights violations,” Hall said Monday, calling same-sex marriage a fundamental right. She added that she would respect whatever the Supreme Court decides.

Colorado’s gay marriage ban, passed by voters in 2006, is still the law although recent rulings in federal and state court have found it to be unconstitutional. Those rulings have been put on hold during appeals. Suthers argues the state needs to have a consistent practice on gay marriage licenses until the issue is ultimately settled.

Around 200 gay couples have gotten marriage licenses in Boulder "

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