5 Things To Know As The Colorado Statehouse Enters Third Week

January 25, 2015 7:02 PM

5 Things To Know As The Colorado Statehouse Enters Third Week
" DENVER (AP) – Colorado lawmakers are heading into the third week of the 2015 legislative session, and their workload is beginning to increase. Five things to watch for this week:


It’s not available in stores yet, but Colorado lawmakers are considering joining a handful of states that have already banned powdered alcohol until they find out more about the product and how to regulate it. Federal regulators are still working to approve the product, called “Palcohol.” It’s marketed as an ounce of rum or vodka in powdered form, which is then added to water. A Republican bill to ban the product gets its first committee hearing in the House on Monday.


Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper and state health officials have credited a drop in Colorado’s teen pregnancy rate to expanding access to long-acting birth control such as intrauterine devices. But the pilot program that began five years ago needs more funding to continue. That won’t be easy to approve because some Republicans equate the devices as causing abortions "

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