Privacy Policy

The policy related to privacy that each website is following to deal with the customers’ information is as essential as the service itself and even exceeds it. And since we are aware of this challenge, we do great actions to guard your privacy. To state, all information you can disclose on our website is highly protected and it’s under our accountability. In some occasions we can release few information, but only what’s necessary to develop our services. Only when you move to another third part website, taking in consideration sites that link to us or with which we do business, you might conform different policies, and you should remember this. And if you want our suggest, do not disclose your information to any website prior to asking questions. Also, if you want more details about our policy, just contact us.

For the purpose of improving our services and bringing happiness to our clientele, we make use of cookies to track your path on our website. If you do not like cookies to be fixed on your browser, you still have the option to erase them. Nevertheless when erased, some part of our website might not work.

When you make use site (calypsocafechicago), it means that you accept what contained in our policies. We reserve the right to amend our policies whenever we like, but when we make the decision to do so you are going undoubtedly be informed on time.