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People have launched Smado, a progressive system with a hands-free mobile phone that extends and protects door locks. Smado, which uses wireless and Wi-Fi technologies, is suitable for any existing door lock, can be installed without resources and requires no professional down payment, in line with startup. Midhun Sankar, Top Dog and colorado-founder of Smado in Denver, said: InchesWith your This Alexa enabled hands-free system, it's possible to finish leaving behind your important under the rug, or pointing out that you simply stay in the garage door available features since you can do it remotely or close it in case of negligence. All our intelligent doors will come your way with our software for easy handling everywhere. inches In addition, it is also possible to give friends and family their unique codes, and to have an alert whenever they are used. It's always easy to discover the position of the system, manipulate all attached products and get a real-time signal for almost any activity that interests you at home, Inches explained. The essential characteristics of the unit are: Without weapons: With the Smado garage door opener now connected to a smart zone unit, you do not need to take out your phone or contact the entrance because it connects immediately and opens you. Mobile Phone Website Link: The Smado system is connected using a Yahoo and Google account, and you can get all the details of the door lock directly on your mobile phone. Works together with all door locks: Smado is suitable for all existing doors and requires no lock to get rid of the parts of the current door during correction or configuration. Automatic locking: the product locks you immediately as soon as you open it, so you do not have to worry about letting it reveal behind you.

A Indian entrepreneurs launch group of 3 Indians with Smado, who Wireless Technologies, can put in resources, along with Sankar, said: hands-free or stressful just because garage can remotely or nearby in negligence. Smart doors intelligently means software to manage everywhere. have the alert whenever they are used. It is simple to have real-time position for almost the activity of the house, exit or contact the entrance as the fastener opens you immediately. Link to a mobile website: the system uses Google, which worries to leave behind.